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Photography by Nia Mondo

If you’re looking for an experienced and passionate photographer to help you capture the world at a local level, we would love to collaborate. Let us help you create a visual documentation to capture your clients imaginagion. 


Travel & Leisure

Type of Work

Editorial and documenter travel photography through out the globe

The phrase Nia Mondo is written in Esperanto. A language that was made to bring people together. The actual meaning of words are "Our World" - The images on this site is created from how we - Nia Mondo - sees the world. As a visitor and as a fellow traveler. 

Erik Fundell’s approach to travel photography is to capture the feeling of a place and the people who inhabit it. Whether documenting the hustle of an urban center or the tranquility of a rural village, his photos are vivid, honest, and captivating. Erik’s photos tell stories and present his subjects in a unique way that will inspire all who view them.