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Photography by Nia Mondo

At Nia Mondo, we believe that incredible visuals can do wonders for your business. With our drone photography services, we can capture the world from a birds-eye-view and create stunning visuals that will elevate your company to the next level.


Travel & Leisure

Type of Work

Editorial and documenter travel photography through out the globe

Our photos are designed to evoke emotion, so I take great care to ensure that every image I produce is of the highest quality. I believe that great photos are a combination of creative vision and technical skill, and I strive to bring the two together in all my work.

Erik Fundell’s approach to travel photography is to capture the feeling of a place and the people who inhabit it. Whether documenting the hustle of an urban center or the tranquility of a rural village, his photos are vivid, honest, and captivating. Erik’s photos tell stories and present his subjects in a unique way that will inspire all who view them.

At Nia Mondo Photography, we strive to capture moments that tell a story. Our passion lies in capturing the beauty of life, culture, and nature in all its forms. Our goal is to provide our clients with beautiful, vibrant images that evoke emotion and tell a story. With years of experience living abroad, our photographer is able to capture the unique essence of each location and its people.

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